Bringing our reenactments to the States

There is a special place in our hearts for the United States of America. Even though we are an Italian Based production group that reenacts some of the most important historical events as well as traditional village life in Italy, we do travel from time to time.

And we love to meet up with others from Italian heritage! One of our favorite places to travel is California. One of our directors has a ton of family in CA, and one of his cousins who is actually a big sponsor of ours (he is able to give us donations through his business called concrete contractors Fresno Ca- and we’d appreciate it if you’re ever in the area to support his wonderful business!). We’re super appreciative of that, and we can continue to bless other people in the area with our work because of guys like him.

Our Favorite part about the United States of America

One of the favorite things we like to do in the States is connect with people of Italian Heritage. They are the ones who seem to appreciate our work the most. The Italian people are strong and resilient and along with other cultures working alongside us, we built up this country as a nation of hard working immigrants. Continue reading “Bringing our reenactments to the States”

Reenactment of our Italian Wars

Why Nobody Is Wanting to do War Reenactment and What You Need to Do Today

war reenactment

War Reenactment Can Be Fun for Everyone

It’s also a reminder of the past that what our forefathers went through to win our freedoms in this great country. The attached pictures don’t conduct justice to the great thing about the fort. As for any possible recruits, scroll down below to our Recruiting Station and you’ll observe slightly more detail in regards to what we do and that which we require from a possible member. What is remarkable is that they’ve been well preserved to permit all generations in order to explore them. Get in contact with different historical societies to discover more concerning the area and the way you may enjoy the history and become involved with that. Quite simply, war isn’t a spectator sport. The Civil War of Italy, to put it differently, is too tough for our representatives to manage. First how the battlefield is initiated, spectators are extremely near the action, much closer than at Liendo or McKinney.

The tactics developed on account of the battlefield states of the very First World War are still being used in the twenty-first century. It is a shame, Burns stated. Many of the guys in our film are open regarding the fact they are getting help for their PTSD, they are seeking treatment. The guns have to be full dimensions and authentic for the period. Non-firing replica guns are legal to get and own with no restriction in the majority of america and in many countries of the planet, and don’t require any kind of license or permit. Each cannon must take part in both battles to qualify for the bounty. The Airsoft guns aren’t toys.

New Ideas Into War Reenactment Never Before Revealed

An artillery demonstration will occur at noon. Ever since that time, whether you want it or not, the steady march of america has been toward the greater ground, the larger purpose, of democracy and equality. The Mountain Man encampment is going to be settled in the lower portion of the park, close to the Roubidoux. Inevitably the reenactment drew lots of media attention, and lots of controversy. Reenactments have strict rules about the replica guns which they are permitted to use. Begun in 1983, it is among the longest-running yearly reenactments in the USA. Most reenactors who’ve been to numerous events, have experienced exactly what we’re referring to.

Of the single most cadets became a famed artist, Ezekiel Moses. One is even a higher school student. Finally, there are members who only enjoy history generally, and want to find out more.

Things You Should Know About War Reenactment

People stretched out the amount of the battlefield, so everyone managed to sit near the action. Except for relatively few places where replicas of modern” firearms are banned because of their realistic look, you would find it possible to buy a completely realistic, non-firing replica of both of those traditional handguns. Non-firing replicas don’t fire, and cannot be adapted to achieve that. Realistic, non-firing replicas of these similar historic guns cost a little fraction of what you may expect to cover a real one. The southern drawl is practically non-existent in the southern area of the state on account of the French influence. It stands boldly on a little patch of land with an intersection.

The entire vicinity was thronged with eager combatants, as stated by the newspaper. The area comprises a fishing pier, walking path, informative indications and a massive picnic gazebo. It’s only a different site. There are a number of places we would like to visit in excellent depth later on. Additionally It is a terrific place for school field trips on account of the tremendous quantity of learning that can take spot.

There are guided tours as well that you can desire to think about. Tours are offered for groups or individuals. You might also have a mobile phone tour in which you walk about and listen to information through your own phone.

The Lost Secret of War Reenactment

If you’re interested in knowing more regarding the event and attending yourself, it is possible to find out more information on the D-Day Conneaut site. Otherwise both events aren’t that different. Over 1,000 re-enactors will take part in the significant event, which will certainly be entertaining and educational. It’s always an extremely safe scripted event. It is a weekend you won’t need to miss! Closing ceremonies will stick to the second battle. There are many churches which have been inside this area for long lengths of time.

You’re not likely to observe the elephant in that.” It merely is based on the boat. Authentic and contemporary camping is going to be accommodated. Or you could bring your own picnic. It is well worth the hike to The Profitis Ilias Monastery that is perched on the maximal hill over the town.

Sample Transcript and storyline from one of our St. Anthony reenactments

St. Anthony was one of the greatest Italians and basically best people of all time. He was a very holy man, and meant a lot to Italy in general at his time, and even today. We love doing reenactments for his life, and we wanted to provide you a small story that we’ve compiled as far as our reenactment for his life goes.

For after he’d drifted through woods and wildernesses, by hills and dales, by caves and lairs, and through unknown passageways, he arrived at last upon the top of a high mountain, whereon stood a fantastically powerful fortress, that has been kept by the most powerful giant, whose power all Thrace cannot conquer, nor even try to resist. The giant’s name was Blanderon ; his fortress of the purest marble, with gates of brass. Over the main entry was an inscription telling how Blanderon kept in his tower seven daughters of the Thracian king, the imprisoned damsels were doomed to sing the creature to sleep every night ; that thousands of knights had perished inside their efforts to save the maidens, though that they still expected for a successful winner, for whom they’d pray evermore.

The story goes on to say:

After St. Anthony had read this, hunger of honour so emboldened his head that he vowed either to free these women, or die with honour by the fury of the giant. So, going to the fortress gate, so vehemently thereon hit with the pommel of his sword, that it sounded like a thunderclap.

And one of our people will

Addressing the noble winner, he said, “What fury hath incensed thy head so to guess thy weak power against the violence of my strong arm? I tell thee, hadst thou the strength of Hercules, thou wert too feeble to fall upon the powerful giant Blanderon. Thy thy strokes as several drops of water, and strength I esteem as a pufi of wind. So betake thee to thy weapon, which I compare to some bulrush ; for on this earth will I measure out thy grave.”

So boasted the vainglorious giant, which is one of the central charcters in this reenactment.  The story continues:

And hadn’t the Knight always jumped in the fury of his strikes, he’d soon been killed, for every stroke the giant gave, the reason behind the oak entered at least two or three inches into the earth. But the worthy winner was shrewd enough to not spend his total strength till the giant developed breathless and unable to lift the oak above his head. But the noble Knight redoubled his blows, which fell like a storm of hail on the giant’s armour at last Blanderon was compelled to request the victor’s clemency. But St. Anthony saw that now or never was the time to get the honour of the day, and so rested not his exhausted arm till the giant was forced to bid the world good-bye, and to give his fortress to the most famous conqueror, St. Anthony of Italy.

We conclude with by time the giant Blanderon’s head was severed from his body, and the long and dangerous meeting had ended, the sun had mounted to the greatest part of the celestial sphere. He was scalded by the winner’s armour so much that he laid aside his burgonet, unbraced his corselet, and throw his body. But his heart was hit at present to by the vapours in the chilly earth; and his body lay exposed, without moving or sense, for the space of one hour, to the clemency of soft departure.

Our History Reenactment Secrets

History Reenactment Secrets That No One Else Knows About

A number of the oldest rocks on the planet have been discovered in Italy, the place where we do our reenactments (mostly). Valley Forge Historical Park in a particular part of a providence of Venice offers you a lot of things to experience when you are inside this area and that’s one of our best kept secrets when we do our reenactments. The Ferrari Museum and Factory is essential see for everyone who enjoys sports cars, especially one of many finest on earth. Even in regards to art, some big differences exist between both ideologies.

For some individuals, it’s the famous and strong men and women in history who should be studied. We love doing this (studying famous Italians) and then getting out there and providing a great service for our fellow countrymen. We get in contact with different historical societies to learn more regarding the area and the way you may enjoy the history and become involved with that. Any story handling dinosaurs will discover this destination that we’ve discovered in Italy useful. Still most individuals believe it is a real story. Your book is deemed non-fiction and is founded on an actual story.

history reinactment

San Gimignano, Italy is also famous for its magnificent towers and it’s one reason visitors flock to Tuscany. We’d like to think it’s for our reenactments, but that’s just one of the reasons that visitors keep coming back. With places like Abruzzo producing a number of the very best pasta on the planet, it’s difficult to imagine life without going through an awesome culinary experience of enjoying very good pasta.

So yes, the food is a big deal.

Italy is a lovely country to go to. Despite being a small country, it is one of the most populated countries in Europe. Italy is a mysterious and romantic country and you need to have the ability to discover more about this intriguing country with the info provided in our website. Italians have always been fascinated with sports and they’ve managed to acquire world recognition in different sports too, such as basketball and automobile racing. As it happens, Italians are not like Italian-Americans whatsoever.

With regard to food, individuals are normally acquainted with the nation’s cuisine. A number of the iconic manners of distinct periods were achieved this manner. There, it is easy to discover some great items which will make your reenactment look 100% authentic. In the period of a couple of short years the whole face of Europe changed.

Assign roles in advance so people can either bring costumes or they are sometimes obtained in advance for each individual and do a reenactment of the Nativity story. Locating a group, you first need to understand just what sort of reenactment you would like to do, after you have that find a group and see the things that they require for equipment, Civil War buffs are no pricier than the rest and they’re lots of groups out there. Battle reenactments from assorted wars are extremely common. They have strict rules regarding the replica guns that they are allowed to use. Begun in 1983, it is among the longest-running yearly reenactments in the USA.

History Reinactment Ideas

A visit to Romeis a chance to step back in time and go through the development of our nation. If anyone wants to try out any rail tour, remember to select the one which would reward the very best regarding pleasure, memory, and the worth of money. There are guided tours as well you could want to contemplate. You can even have a mobile phone tour in which you walk about and listen to information through your own phone.

An individual could easily compose all day on the subject of Verona’s incredible architecture. Should you be trying to find an enjoyable family time. There are a lot of beautiful places, worth visiting. It’s also an outstanding place for school field trips on account of the tremendous quantity of learning that can take location.

Though you are in the nation, you could also wish to pick up some regional wines, pasta or balsamic vinegar. Naturally in addition, there are other methods to connect between the nations. There is barely any country where chocolate isn’t present in some shape or other. To begin with, individuals are people are individuals. Indigenous individuals are our own folks. In reality, it’s the opposite. The most frequently held belief is the fact that it holds books which have been banned from the bible.

IA number of the world’s most well-known sports are related to Italy as well, an we do sports historical reenactments, which isn’t common but we still do anyways . …You can’t fail with how popular sports have become, and people just love it. You are probably going to find exactly what you need from the exact first reenactment you go to. It’s challenging to pick, but here are a couple of these fantastic programs. This period of Italian history is quite popular, probably because of the simple fact that proved fighting the French and Napoleon (as depicted below in the Youtube Video), and both styles of uniform proved so different and distinctive. To understand the significance of improvisation in a theatrical education, you have to first examine the very first significant occurrences of improvisation throughout history. Should you be knowledgeable about historical variations in wallpaper patterns, production techniques, popularity, and usage you will better have the ability to choose which paper is the absolute most historically best for your period home.

Assisi, Italy: our favorite reeinactment

As historical reenactment professionals and volunteers, we travel Italy and preserve the great herritage that is our country. One of our favorite is traveling to Assisi to do the reenactment of St. Francis. We are excited for this year’s experience because it’s more than just a reenactment for us -for many of us it’s a spiritual experience. And that’s because of who St. Francis was.

Who was St. Francis of Assisi?

St. Francis of Assisi lived in the middle ages (around the year 1200) and was a very holy man. He grew up as a merchant and wanted to be a great knight in the army and go on crusades. But he was knocked off his horse one day and found Jesus while being kept captive, because his family was rich, they got a good payment for Francis’s life.

If you want a more detailed biography of Francis’s life, please click here.

The Turning Point

Francis decided that when he heard the call of God to “rebuild his church”, that he thought it meant physically. But the Lord was talking about it physically. And so then he took the Gospel literally. He sold all his possessions and dedicated his life to preaching the Gospel and serving the poor. There are all kinds of great stories about St. Francis.  He lived with lepers. He really revolutionized the church, which was in shambles at the time. And now, even 800 years after his death, there are over 1,000,000 Franciscan friars and nuns dedicating themselves to his cause.

Now you can see why we love this reeinactment coming up. We don’t have a set date, but it will be sometime in the next year. We will be doing the life both before and after Francis’s conversion, and we’ll do a blast into the future about how his life has effected the world today. Truly incredible human being as he was called “the last Christian since Christ”. He has inspired millions, hundreds of churches, schools and Universities and like I said before, has inspired many to become full time friars and nuns and lay people dedicated to his cause. We look forward to seeing you at this festival and stay tuned because we’ll give you the date as soon as we get it! Thanks!

Traditional Italian villages and reinactments

Hey everyone, welcome to our new site! We are all about recreating traditional life in a village in Italy as it was hundred of years ago.

Check out this quick youtube video to let you know what we’re talking about:

We travel and bring back a special time in history with our storytelling of ages of old. We absolutely love what we do- we travel all over Europe and all over the USA (sometimes the world) and we bring with us a piece of Italian herritage. Because you do realize, that at one point. Italy (rome) was the center of the world. We did indeed have the largest empire the world had ever seen, with the biggest and most powerful military ever.

But that was only made possible by the small villagers and small scale farmers who produced enough food for the warriors and other classes of people too such as thinkers, philosphers and artists and craftsmen.

We will take you on a journey of traditional singing, dancing, and overall living including war songs and farming methods and bring you back to a time that was more peaceful and ordered. Before industrialization. Before technology. Before cars and cellphones and the internet. A time when neighbors knew each other because they depended on each other for survival. A time when people didn’t randomly kill other people for no reason whatsoever. A time when life was respected and God was at the center of our daily lives.

This is what we hope to convey with this blog and to give you a little insight into the daily happenings of our operations. Like we said before, we travel and set up our little traditional villages all over the world. We look forward to meeting you and sharing with you something that has been lost for many generations. Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for many good things to come!